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The Zappa Store

Ahmet's Discography
Dweezil's Discography: Solo Albums (Complete) and Colaborations (Under Construction)
Z's Discography (Dweezil & Ahmet's Band)

How to get The Albums:
The easiest way to get albums of Dweezil and Ahmet is thru Barko Swill (Zappa's Online Store).
Some of the are out of print though, so you may be able to find them on
Some of the albums featuring Dweezil as a guest may be available at:

CD Now
Cheap CDs
CD Universe
CD Europe

Please note that the webmasters of this site are not afiliated to any of this online stores. This list was provided for an easier way to find Zappa related albums and the webmasters are not responsible for any orders from those bussiness. Order on your own risk.